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Free Philippine Real Estate Property Listing Directory offers PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission) licensed real estate brokers and salespeople a free professional website platform to display their real estate property listings to the world.
“We noticed an underlying problem within the Philippine real estate industry, whereas the consumer had limited access to reliable and accurate data when searching properties for sale in the Philippines”, said Greger Eriksson, Vice President and Technical Director of Dataflo MLS, Inc. Philippines. “This lead us to create a consumer oriented property search vehicle that conforms to our professional MLS broker member guidelines, introduces the value of MLS technology and encourages the employment of Philippine licensed real estate professionals”.

Technology for the Philippines

Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople can freely use the system and upload their listings for a 90 day period. The system addresses five categories of real estate including: Single family (house and lot), condominiums, vacant land & lots, multi-family and commercial & industrial properties. The system also provides for property rental listings and photographs as well.

Additional Broker and Salesperson Opportunities

Licensed real estate professionals may also take part in other real estate related opportunities offered by Dataflo MLS which include free online real estate education, certification for acquired asset sales and property maintenance vendor services.

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